Personal Strategic Planning

The most successful business enterprises rely on the proven discipline of strategic planning to drive growth and achieve the most important objectives.  

A Strategic You harnesses the power of that discipline to help individuals drive personal growth, and achieve their most important objectives.  Unique to this approach, A Strategic You will start with where you are, right now, and help you develop a Personal Strategic Plan to prioritize, organize and accomplish what’s most important to you.

Most productivity enhancement tools start by creating a lofty vision that is then supposed to drive specific objectives and actions.  The problem is, this doesn’t work.  Visions created this way are generic and impersonal, and they fall by the wayside in the crush of urgent, day-to-day tasks that have to happen.  

At A Strategic You, we’ve broken the productivity mold by making those day-to-day tasks the starting point for determining what’s important, and building up to a personal vision statement that’s unique and compelling to you.

Come join us to embrace what’s important to you, and begin a journey toward maximizing your potential.

“ Susanna is first and foremost a coach. She takes the time and trouble to teach and guide despite the omnipresent pressure of impending deadlines. And when needed, she has no qualms rolling up her sleeves and getting into the trenches to work shoulder to shoulder with her team members to get the job done flawlessly and on time.”

Direct Report, Colgate-Palmolive

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